HandyPlasma 35i-45i


HandyPlasma 35i-45i

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Hand-held, light and portable power source for plasma cutting with a 220V 50/60 Hz single phase power supply.

Very simple to use, with a colour LCD panel and all adjustments in just one knob.

No need to adjust the gas –the machine automatically detects the inlet and outlet pressure. An automatic system purges gas after cutting, increasing the useful life of the consumables.

Available in two versions,
HandyPlasma 35i
Recommended cutting capacity = 6mm
Maximum cutting capacity = 12mm

HandyPlasma 45i
Recommended cutting capacity = 10mm
Maximum cutting capacity = 16mm


  • Light and portable, weighing only 13.5 kg (including torch)
  • Easy to use 2.8" colour LCD panel, with all adjustments in just one knob
  • Torch trigger 2T/4T function
  • Torch trigger lock for greater safety
  • Grate or plate cutting functions
  • Comes with torch included
  • Two-year guarantee for the power source and three months for the torch


  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Civil Construction
  • Industrial and General Fabrication
  • Hobbyist
  • Transportation
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • General Manufacturing


Model 45i 35i
Height 324 mm 324 mm
Length 415 mm 415 mm
Width 176 mm 176 mm

Cutting Specifications

Model 35i 45i
Aluminum 8 mm
10 mm
Carbon Steel 12 mm
16 mm
Pierces 6 mm
10 mm
Stainless Steel 10 mm
12 mm

Operating Specifications

Enclosure Class IP21C


35i 45i
(w/torch) 11.8 (13.5) kg 11.8 (13.5) kg

Input Ratings

Frequency Hz 50/60 Hz
Phase 1
VAC 220 ±10% VAC

Output Ratings

Model 35i 45i
Duty Cycle 35 % @ 35 A
35 % @ 45 A
Output Power 8 kW
9 kW

Plasma Gas Requirements

Gas Pressure 7.3 bar
Gas Flow 110 l/min

Torch Requirements

Torch Air Pressure 4.6 bar

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Part Numbers and Accessories

Part Numbers : HandyPlasma 35i-45i
HandyPlasma 35i, CE 0559160135
HandyPlasma 45i, CE 0559160145

Accessories : HandyPlasma 35i-45i
Circle Cutting Guide 0559337041
Electrode (5un) 0559337003
HandyPlasma 60A Plasma Torch 0559337000
Inline Air Filter 0559337039
Plasma Cutting Tip 35A (5un) 0559337001
Plasma Cutting Tip 45A (5un) 0559337002
Plasma Filter Cartridge 0559337040
Plasma O-Ring 0559337006
Plasma Shield Cup 0559337005
Plasma Standoff Guide 0559337004
Plasma Torch Gas Diffuser 0559337007