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G Series Single Stage Regulators

G Series Single Stage Regulators

G Series regulators use a combination of colors on the meter for easy reading of the needle position, while a scale and a red line indicate the actual operating pressure of the controller.

A high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy coating with almost double stretched resistance for durable brass provides exceptional durability. Ergonomic, color-coded angular indicates the type of gas and offers greater comfort when adjusting gas pressure.

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  • Forged brass body in high strength zinc-aluminum material
  • Long connecting pipes that fit all standard bottle valves can be used for gas cylinders fitted with a protective cap.
  • Large and clear scale gauges and color-coded operating instructions as well as color-coded angles for ease of use and clear identification of the gas type
  • Meet ISO 2503
  • Date stamp to facilitate inspection and exchange


  • Automotive
  • Offshore Oil
  • Railcars
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Ship/Barge Building