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Edge Standard Outfit

Edge Standard Outfit

UK Medalist Outfit - EDGE (Standard) Oxy Side/Acetylene Side

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  • Outfit for welding and cutting applications
  • Sturdy hard shell case to transport equipment
  • EDGE Regulators feature:
  • Forged brass body
  • Bonnet is made from high strength zinc-aluminium alloy for increased durability
  • External self reseating relief valve
  • Gauges are recessed into the body for the highest level of protection
  • More efficient internal flow paths translate to improved flow consistency from full to empty cylinder
  • Sintered filter is standard in the inlet to prevent contamination
  • Fabric-reinforced neoprene diaphragm provides superior sensitivity and control
  • 1.5" (40 mm) steel gauges
  • Meets ISO 2503
  • Colour coded knobs for ease of use and clear identification of gas type
  • SLAM™ adjusting knob is designed with multi-stage crumple zones which absorb impact energy from a fall
  • Welding Handle and Cutting Attachment feature:
  • Non-slip shank is ergonomic and comfortable, easing stress on the hand
  • Forged brass body
  • Stainless steel valves for longevity
  • Double O-ring gives quick gas tight seal without wrench
  • Knobs are contoured and spaced further apart for easy adjustment and colour coded with increase/decrease labels
  • In-line stainless steel tubes for better visibility and reduced profile vs triangular design