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Oxy Fuel Tote Kits

Oxy Fuel Tote Kits

TurboTorch® outfits are manufactured by Victor®, the most recognized name in Gas Equipment. The outfits are available in several configurations designed for a variety of oxy-fuel welding and cutting applications. The new tote design features an ergonomic carrying handle, built-in storage case and a functional balanced design. Each outfit includes the components needed to tackle jobs from light duty welding, to specialized brazing, to cutting steel. Victor’s commitment to quality and safety are built into the TurboTorch outfits.

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This series of outfits is designed for Light Duty Cutting, Brazing and Heating jobs.

  • Oxygen Regulator SKR-540R
  • Fuel Regulator SKR-200R
  • 12.5" Dual "A" 3/16 Hose 252-03P
  • Goggles & Striker
  • Check Valves


  • Hobbyist
  • HVAC
  • Light Fabrication