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Stoody 155FC

Stoody 155FC

Stoody 155FC wire consists of tungsten carbide particles in a nickel silicon boron matrix. Designed for multiple pass operations where cross checking is undesirable. Stoody 155FC deposits are ideal when thicker nickel, silicon, boron tungsten carbide weld deposits are desired. Slightly reduced tungsten carbide produces greater ductility making Stoody 155FC a superior buffer layer for more wear resistant overlay alloys like Stoody 160FC.

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  • Stoody 155FC microstructure delivers significant abrasion resistance as well as superior toughness and corrosion resistance.
  • Greater ductility means better bonding with base metal with more resistance to spalling.
  • Well suited for build up and buffer layers where thicker deposits are desired and where cross checking is undesirable.
  • Designed for the GMAW welding process, Stoody 155FC can be applied flat or vertical up using a slightly oscillating weave bead and at a much lower voltage and heat input resulting in reduced interpass temperatures and levels of distortion in the component.


Typical Tensile Properties

75% Ar - 25% CO2
Hardness (HRC)
35-45 HRC

Weld Metal Analysis

2.0 %3.0 %BAL %0.5 %