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Vision 51

Vision 51

The Vision 51 controller combines a solid-state PC-based control with the most reliable Windows®-based platform ever built, making it highly functional yet easy to use.

Designed for rugged reliability, the Vision 51 features a solid-state hard drive and industrial PC-based components. A user-friendly interface, large color LCD with graphical menu-driven operation and a compact design make Vision 51 easy to learn and operate.

Built-in diagnostics allow for easy installation, start-up, and maintenance of the cutting machine.  The Windows CE® Embedded operating system is stable, crash-free, virus-immune and is easily networked.


  • Large Color LCD
  • Built-in process database for easy process setup with graphical display of torch parts
  • On-screen displays of machine speed, axis speed, position, total time, remaining time, and process time
  • Automatic Referencing simplifies machine start-up sequence
  • Easily mirror or rotate part  programs
  • Context sensitive on-screen help
  • Color coded graphical menu driven operation
  • Graphical part preview
  • Graphical program text editor
  • True geometric kerf with kerf override
  • True Multi-Tasking allows simultaneous input while cutting
  • Power Fail Recovery
  • Shape library with interactive graphical preview and variable lead-in/lead-out