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Alpharex AXD

Alpharex AXD

The Alpharex laser cutting machine offers a rugged cutting gantry to cut large plate in thick materials at high speeds and with the highest cut quality and accuracy. Its ability to span up to 5m cutting width, and practically unlimited cutting length, sets it apart from small sheet laser cutters.

The machine’s constant-length beam path design maintains consistent cut quality over a large working envelope. The Alpharex enables cutting, marking and even welding with ultimate precision and repeatable accuracy. High feed rates maximise machine throughput.

The cutting head design provides longer laser-focusing optic lifetimes compared to conventional cutting heads, making the Alpharex durable and economical.

The on-board PRO-LAS1 laser safety system (laser safety class 1) allows material to be loaded and unloaded during the cutting process. This guarantees uninterrupted production and facilitates lights-out operation.

For flexible, high-productivity large plate cutting, the Alpharex is the ideal choice.


General Machine Specifications

Parking Area 177 in. (4,500 mm)
Speed Range 1,000 in./min (25,000 mm/min)
Work Table Height 20-27 in. (500-700 mm)