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TXH 121, 121V, 121F

TXH 121, 121V, 121F

Torch Heads - Lightweight and Durable

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  • Manufactured with high temperature resistant silicone rubber insulation
  • All copper components ensure cooler running temperatures and maximum current capacity
  • Ergonomic handle system with integrated dual soft grips ensure the handle remains in place with minimal grip pressure
  • Knuckle joint – improved maneuverability as positioning of the torch is made easier by the combination of knuckle joints and a flexible leather section covering the first 700mm of the torch immediately behind the handle
  • Effective cooling
  • Trigger switch is located in a neutral finger position
  • Small size perfect access in confined areas
  • Built in gas valve for manual control of the shielding gas by hand (121V)
  • Flexible heads offer versatility for reaching hard to get at applications (121F)