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Origo Tig 3001i, TA24

Origo Tig 3001i, TA24

For advanced industrial use and for repair and maintenance. This TIG machine will give a safe start and stable arc. All types of stainless and mild steel and most other materials, from plate thickness of 0,5 mm can be welded with high quality. Productivity with the right quality is important. The control panel Origo™ TA24 has all the necessary functions for advanced TIG DC, Pulse TIG and MMA welding. All parameters presented in an easy to understand way.

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Origo Tig 3001i, TA24

Height 423 mm
Length 652 mm
Width 249 mm

Power Specifications

Open Circuit Voltage 60 VDC
Power Factor at Maximum Current 0.89
Protection Class IP 23


Gas post flow 0 - 25 sec
Gas pre flow 0 - 5 sec
MCableX 4x4
Pulse DC 0.001 - 2.5 sec
Slope Down 0 - 10 sec
Slope Up 0 - 10 sec