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Aristo YardFeed 2000, U6 Origo YardFeed MA23

Aristo YardFeed 2000, U6 Origo YardFeed MA23

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  • Suitable with Mig 3001i/4001i/4004i/5004i/U4000i/5000i/U5000i/4002c/5002c and 6502c
  • 2/4 stroke, simplifies handling of the welding torch
  • Safety switch with optional heating element
  • Gas purge and wire inching
  • Manual gas flow valve inside the cabinet
  • Gas flow manometer incl. manual valve (option)
  • Equipped with military standard control cable connector
  • Creep start, gas pre-flow and hot start provide a soft and more direct start with less spatter (U6)
  • Crater filling, adjustable burn-back time and post gas provides a smooth finish, extend the lifetime of the contact tip and guarantees no cracks at the end (U6)Pre-programmed synergic lines, to ensure optimum settings with a wide choice of materials, wire dimensions and gas combinations (U6)
  • Memory for 3 (MA23) or 10 (U6) parameter sets
  • ESAB LogicPump, ELP, secures automatic start of water pump by connection of a water cooled welding torch


Wire Feeder Specifications

Wire Length per Minute (Aristo YardFeed 2000) 0.8 - 25.0 m/min