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Origo FeedAirmatic, M10

Origo FeedAirmatic, M10

Sturdy and reliable

Sturdy design with galvanised metal casing for use in tough environments.

This electronic feeding unit is a part of ESAB well proven A9 pneumatic push-pull system. The feeding unit pushes the wire through the hose and the pneumatic welding gun PKB™ pull the wire by a compressed air operated turbine motor.

The motor driven wire feed unit in Origo™ FeedAirmatic is mounted on the output shaft of the electric motor and comprises a driven feed roller and a freewheeling pressure roller. Pressure is exerted on the wire by means of an adjustable spring mechanism.

Origo™ FeedAirmatic is fitted with a filter regulator. This drains automatically when the compressed air system is switched off. The pressure is permanently set at 5 bar.

With safety in mind

Designed to meet the most rigid safety standard IEC 60974-5 with low voltage (42 V/AC) operations and overload protection circuit to eliminate breakdowns.


The panel M10 is easy to operate with only one potentiometer for voltage adjustment (chopper controlled power sources) and a switch for remote ON/OFF. The wire feed speed is adjusted pneumatically from the PKB™ push-pull gun. The complete push-pull system consisting the wire feeding unit Origo™ FeedAirmatic, the push-pull gun PKB™250 or PKB™400 and a hose package. The system ensures smooth, problem-free wire feeding especially of soft aluminium wire in the dimension from 0,8 to 1,6 mm. Extended working radius additional complete hose packages can be obtained by adding connection cables of the lengths 5, 10 and 16 m between the power source and the wire feed unit.

Origo™ FeedAirmaticis designed for the step controlled power sources Origo™ Mig320/410/510 and the chopper controlled power sources Origo™ Mig402c/502c/652c.

FeedAirmaticDigital Box

The new FeedAirmatic Digital Box with U6 panel is a component in ESAB's "push-pull" system and is intended for use in MIG/MAG welding together with a power source and Airmatic wire feeder and a PKB™ welding torch. The FeedAirmatic Digital Box works as an analogue to digital converter between the wire feeder and ESAB CAN bus power sources for example Aristo®Mig4004i Pulse. FeedAirmatic Digital Box is available in two different versions, one with remote control outlet and one without remote control outlet.

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  • The push-pull system ensures smooth, problem-free wire feeding which is especially important when welding soft aluminium or other thin wires
  • Permits welding hose packages up to 16 m
  • Extended working radius with connection cables up to 31 m
  • Digital V/A meters (Optional)
  • TrueArcVoltage™ System, measures the correctarc voltage value independent of the length of the interconnection cable, return cable or welding hose package
  • Extra versatility can be achievedby attaching a counterbalance device, wheel kit and a hanging bracket
  • Enclosed Wire Spool keeps the wire clean
  • Optional FeedAirmatic Digital Box for use with Mig 3001i/4004i/5004i/4004i Pulse. The FeedAirmatic Digital Box works as an analogue to digital converter between the wire feeder and ESAB CAN bus power sources.



Enclosed version (Encl)

Height 420 mm
Length 690 mm
Width 275 mm

Input Voltage

Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage 42 V

Power Specifications

Protection Class IP 23 (IP 2X)


Enclosed version (Encl)

Weight 15 kg