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OK 67.45

OK 67.45

Austenitic stainless-steel electrode producing a weld metal with less than 5% ferrite. The tough weld metal has excellent crack resistance, even when welding steels with very poor weldability. Suitable for joining 12-14% manganese steel to itself or other steels. Also suitable for buffer layers before hardfacing.

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Typical Tensile Properties

ISO As welded
Elongation Tensile Strength Yield Strength
35 % 605 MPa 470 MPa
AWS As welded
Elongation Tensile Strength Yield Strength
- - -

Charpy V-Notch Properties

ISO As welded
Impact Value Testing Temperature
85 J 20 °C
50 J -60 °C

Weld Metal Analysis

MnCSiFerrite FNNiNCr
6.3 %0.09 %0.3 %2 %9.1 %0.06 %18.8 %

Approvals: ABS, Stainless, CE, EN 13479, Seproz, UNA 272580, VdTÜV, 01580
Classifications: EN ISO 3581-A, E 18 8 Mn B 2 2, SFA/AWS A5.4, (E307-15)

Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Alloy Type: IMPERIAL_Stainless austenitic CrNiMn
Coating Type: Lime Basic
Ferrite Content: FN <5
Welding Current: DC+