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OK 63.80

OK 63.80

Acid rutile covered MMA-electrode for welding Nb-or Ti stabilized steels of the CrNiMo 18-12-3 type. It has very good resistance against intergranular corrosion. The ferrite content level is rather high to ensure quite a good hot cracking resistance. The ferrite may transform to brittle phases at elevated temperatures. To avoid excessive embrittlent of the welds the maximum working temperature is limited to 400°C.

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Typical Tensile Properties

ISO As welded
Elongation Tensile Strength Yield Strength
38 % 614 MPa 507 MPa
AWS As welded
Elongation Tensile Strength Yield Strength
- - -

Charpy V-Notch Properties

ISO As welded
Impact Value Testing Temperature
55 J 20 °C
41 J -60 °C

Weld Metal Analysis

MnMoCNbSiFerrite FNNiNCr
0.6 %2.9 %0.02 %0.31 %0.8 %7 %11.5 %0.08 %18.2 %

Approvals: CE, EN 13479, NAKS/HAKC, 3.2 mm, VdTÜV, 00639
Classifications: EN ISO 3581-A, E 19 12 3 Nb R 3 2, SFA/AWS A5.4, E318-17, Werkstoffnummer, 1.4576

Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Alloy Type: Austenitic CrNi
Coating Type: Acid Rutile
Ferrite Content: FN 6-12
Welding Current: DC+, AC